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Hardwood flooring care is an essential part of having a hardwood floor – keeping up with the care is the only way you can keep everything looking brand new and beautiful. It is also a great to regularly check if there are any problems with your flooring or if you need maintenance from a professional.

Hardwood flooring care isn’t a difficult concept, but it is something that feels slightly awkward to most people. Here are some basic hardwood flooring care steps you should take:

Watch Your Feet

Do not wear shoes in your home – this is a great technique for many different items in your home. Whenever possible, avoiding wearing shoes when walking on your hardwood floors. This is especially true if you wear high heels, which put a lot of weight onto the heel itself and can dent the floor.

Never let anyone wear cleats or shoes with hard points on your floor – not only can you dent the floor, you can split it or scratch it as well.

Pad Your Furniture

Just like your heels, furniture legs can scratch and dent your floor as well. Put felt pads on the bottom of all furniture legs. If you move your furniture, be sure to sweep first, because even the felt can grab crumbs or dirt and scratch your flooring.

Rug It Up

Wherever possible, put door mats or rugs down. If you stand in a certain part of your home frequently, you want to have a rug there. If you don’t like that look, make sure to have at least a doormat that will reduce the number of particles that make their ways into your home.

Watch the Weather

Weather can really impact your hardwood floors. While you can’t always control the weather, hardwood flooring care means trying to keep the temperature within 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything more, and you might want to go easier on them. You also watch to track the humidity levels, keeping them below 50 but above 30. You can buy a dehumidifier or a humidifier in your home to keep it at the appropriate level.

Hardwood floors really aren’t great for homes that don’t have air conditioning and get extreme heat. You want to keep the temperature in check whenever you can.


The most basic of hardwood flooring care is the most obvious as well: clean your hardwood floors. Sweep, vacuum, and dust regularly to keep your floor looking great. Try to eliminate surface dirt every day and then do a deeper cleaning once a week.

You want to avoid products that use words like “shine,” “polish,” or even “strengthen.” These products contain waxes and additives that are not only dangerous to the air in your home, but they can ruin the finish on your floors.

Contact Professionals

Sometimes, you need hardwood flooring care that is just a bit more than you can do. Never be afraid to contact professionals when you feel like you can’t do something. This is especially true if you have a really old home with hardwood floors that haven’t seen any proper care in years.

Professionals might be able to save your floor and treat some of the surface problems using tools and techniques that you don’t have access to – many tools are only available to professionals.

Another thing you need to think about is the type of hardwood flooring that you have – solid hardwood flooring will need a different kind of care than engineered hardwood flooring needs. Often, the finish of the hardwood floor will determine the type of hardwood flooring care that you need. If you aren’t sure – which is common if you recently purchased a home – you want to talk to a professional about the best method.

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