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About Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles CA

Hardwood flooring Los Angeles CA is one of the most popular choices for home redesign and flooring choices. Why? It is one of the easiest types of flooring to take care of, it is easier to clean, it lasts a long time, and if you do all of the above properly, it will never wear out on you. Of course, many people just love hardwood flooring because it looks better than almost any other type of flooring. For Los Angeles CA homes, hardwood flooring is the best possible approach.

Of course – there are many different types of hardwood flooring as well. Some of the most popular choice for hardwood flooring in Los Angeles, CA include:

  •         Bamboo flooring
  •         Pergo flooring
  •         Laminate wood flooring
  •         Engineered wood flooring
  •         Prefinished hardwood flooring
  •         Hardwood flooring refinishing

While there are many other options, these tend to be the most utilized and beloved.

Why Solid Hardwood Flooring?

Nothing rivals wood when it comes to flooring, and for Los Angeles CA homes, hardwood flooring warms up a room, is a classic look, and lasts a long time. For most builders and designers, nothing beats hardwood.

You can either lay a wood floor in a new house or replace the hardwood floor in a house that has seen better days. However, there are also options to repair the wood so that you have a more cost-effective solution.

Solid hardwood flooring gives you many different choices – you can take something domestic, like oak and maple or take something a little more exotic. This allows you to get the different feel that you want in each of your rooms. You can even change up the widths of the wood – do you want something rustic and wide or something a little more traditional like a narrow strip? Even more – you can change the stain colors, which will allow you to tailor the appearance to your preferences.

Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles CA Company Facts

Hardwood flooring has a wide variety of costs – you will likely be able to find something that fits in with your needs and wants. You may have to make some compromises – either on thicknesses, species, or grade, but your Los Angeles CA hardwood flooring will be high quality when installed by the right company.

When you work with the best Los Angeles, CA hardwood flooring company, you will likely get a warranty that will last a lifetime, helping you with regular care so that it lasts a long time. Most often, hardwood flooring warranties last anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles CA What to Know

Hardwood flooring Los Angeles CA companies need to tell you about a few different things when it comes to your hardwood flooring: how to maintain the flooring, where to install it (you can’t just put it anywhere, though it does go into most spaces), and how that floor will wear with use.

You may also want to know where you plan to use your hardwood flooring – will lit be in the kitchen or entryway? Experienced Los Angeles CA hardwood flooring companies may choose a hardwood for you because it will get more food traffic. In the same vein, they may choose a softer hardwood flooring for your bedroom or home office.

Most leading Los Angeles CA hardwood flooring contractors will tell you not to use solid wood flooring where there is a lot of humidity – like in your basement or in the bathroom, where water can warp the wood. This is a better choice for laminate flooring.

Hardwood Basics for Los Angeles CA

When getting hardwood flooring in Los Angeles CA, there are a few different things that you want to think about. The first is the thickness of the hardwood flooring. The thickness determines a few different thing, but the most important factor is how many times they can be refinished. A hardwood flooring installation team can help you to understand better how many times the wood can be refinished and if it will ever need to be.

The length of the hardwood flooring is important as well – longer strips means that there are fewer distracting ends. A hardwood flooring designer in Los Angeles, CA can help you determine which will be best for you, but in general longer strips are better for bigger spaces and shorter strips make smaller spaces feel bigger. The same can be said for the width – wider planks are better for wider rooms, and thinner strips are better for smaller spaces. Note that thinner strips feel busier and tend to take more time. Some people even mix it up.

Hardwood Cuts

Similarly, to the size and shape of the wood, the hardwood cuts make a significant difference as well. Flat Sawn hardwood flooring is cut so that the growth rings are parallel to the face, giving your hardwood flooring a distinctive, almost flamelike grain pattern. Quartersawn boards, which tend to be more expensive, are a straight grain and the grown rings run parallel to the face.

Hardwood Flooring Company in Los Angeles CA

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