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Laminate wood flooring Los Angeles CA is extremely popular because it does something extremely well: it looks like wood flooring without the cost and without some of the maintenance. Laminate wood flooring was developed a few decades ago because the demand for wood flooring went down as fewer people could afford it. Today, laminate flooring manufacturers have improved their techniques and upped their quality when it comes to the flooring design, production, installation, and maintenance. They can mimic almost any type of wood species, from the most common to those that are more exotic.

In Los Angeles CA, laminate wood flooring that looks rustic and antiquated is popular, as is wood flooring that looks brand new and full of luster at all times. If wood flooring isn’t your top choice, there are also laminate options in stone, tile, and even metal.

The variety of laminate wood flooring is possible thanks to the photographic process that manufacturers use to create the design layer of laminate flooring. What they do is use an extremely high-quality photo of the actual wood and then edit it for the flooring. They print that image onto a fiberboard that is backed or treated to prevent moisture damage. Then, it is covered by a layer over the top that resists scratches and damage – and sometimes, even water.

However, laminate wood flooring isn’t always great – here are a few things to consider on both sides of the option.

Laminate Wood Flooring Los Angeles CA: Pros

Laminate wood flooring has certainly come a long way in the last few years. Now, you can get it in tiles or planks of various sizes and shapes. The edges and ends are designed so that you can easily replace any areas where you may see the damage, and they are designed for quick installation. The laminate construction has also improved so that the pieces are more stable and able to withstand changes in humidity and moisture in the air – perfect for Los Angeles CA. This type of construction also eliminates the need for glues that contain dangerous chemicals or VOCs.

Laminate wood flooring is lightweight and snaps together with a thin foam cushion, making it great for different types of homes, from condos and apartments to traditional family homes. It is a great choice for people who foresee a lot of changes in their flooring as the tear-out isn’t strenuous.

Finally, laminate flooring tends to be greener in many senses – from construction to cleaning. Since this flooring is so tough, cleanup and maintenance are easy and doesn’t require chemicals that may be bad for the environment.

Laminate Wood Flooring Los Angeles CA: Cons

Laminate flooring is susceptible to moisture, so it really isn’t the best option for laundry rooms or bathrooms where there will be extreme exposure to moisture. While this has improved over the years, it is still something to think about. Talk to a laminate wood flooring installation company in Los Angeles CA because some do have different approaches to laminate wood flooring installation that will help in these types of room.

Another problem is that laminate wood flooring cannot be refinished or revamped in the way that really hardwood flooring can be, so you will need to replace it when it is worn out. Most floors do come with warranties, however, so you might be able to get access to those.

Finally, with all of the improvements in laminate flooring, it still feels like a laminate floor – you won’t think that you are walking on a real wood floor.

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